Monday, January 26, 2009


Sunday's all about food in Casa Chat Fancy.

I like to bake a special something for breakfast (if I get up early enough) and this Sunday was Jiffy Cinnammon Rolls from my trusty Company's Coming recipe book. These books are great! I love the easy recipes that you can do, well, in a jiffy...It is possible to bake something very easily even on a Sunday Morning!
Another good thing is our lunch, we like to cook our own meal on Sunday (and that was even before the difficult economy) and one of our favorites is homemade pizza. We buy a couple of packages of pizza dough at our grocery's store bakery, roll it out and then we top them with our favorite ingredients.
We usually make one with tomato sauce, ham, pepperonni and a mix of mozzarella and gouda cheese. As a big family we need two pizzas to get satisfied and the second pizza will always have some pineapple in it. We looove pineapple in our pizza. Our Hawaiian pizza has tomato sauce, ham, pinneapple, coconut flakes and cheese. Another good one is made with BBQ sauce instad of tomato, shredded chicken (usually leftovers, better if the chicken was grilled) pineapple and cheese...hmmmm yummy! These pizzas are much better than take out, and with the prepared pizza dough they are at the table in about the same time they would deliver them.
After all that eating I still have to think about food, because Sunday is the day I plan the menu for the rest of the week. This has been a proved time and sanity saver as I shop only for the things I need from a list, and there's no what's for dinner rush at 5:00 in the afternoon.
And what would be dinner in a typical Sunday at my house...well, cold cereal. Of course!

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