Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to make a Valentine's Garland

Three years ago I was going through a difficult time with my health. As Valentine's approached I decided I would celebrate the "glue" that held me together: the love of my family and friends.

Here in Costa Rica we don't do much of a celebration for Valentine's, and nobody decorates the house for that day, but I decided I would make myself a simple garland to show at the front door and celebrate my feelings.

I just cut up some heart shapes in different coordinating fabrics and sizes and I embroidered some words in a couple of muslin shapes.
I sewed the pieces right sides together, leaving a space for turning, stuffed them, closed the opening and attached ribbons so they would hang at different heights.
My sewing skills were not very good at the time (they still aren't!) , but I appreciate the imperfection of the piece, knowing that love is never perfect, it comes in all shapes and sizes, and it always gives you joy and peace, no matter what's at the door for you.

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