Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leftovers in a "gourmet" twist

It is Sunday again....I wake up early- before even Vicente, the smallest, gets up-. I am on a mission...I need to have an answer for my kids, they will ask me, I know...

Quietly I open the fridge and check out what I have left from the week: two chicken breasts in sage sauce from Thursday's dinner, some andouille sausage, some ham and some salami, cheese leftovers: gouda and a lucky block of mozarella that didn't get eaten I don't know how, two apples, lots of onions, a can of sweet corn, leftover zuquini from Friday's sidedish, some leftover tomato sauce from Tuesday's pasta, a bunch of spinach and the basics: flour, eggs and milk.
I need to come up with a plan, the clock is ticking, they will soon ask me the dreaded Sunday question...Mom...what are you making us for lunch?
And this Sunday it will be "Leftovers a la Crepe"!!!
Yes, and they were pretty good, let me tell you.

I used a savory crepe recipe from one of my books, but you can use this one, they are all very similar.
I sauteed the apples with the onions in some butter until they caramelized, and separated that.(the french use leeks, but I had to make do with the onions)
Then I mixed the ham and salami and sausage and sauteed that a little bit, too.
Then grated the cheeses.
I sliced and heated the chicken.
I heated the spinach and the zuquinni
I heated the tomato sauce (you could open a jar)
Opened the can of corn.

You are suppossed to add the filling while at the pan, but since there are so many of us and so many different choices, I just placed the crepes and the fillings on the table and everyone filled theirs with whatever they liked.
Mine was a very good concoction of chicken, onions, apples, zuqinni, spinach and cheese. Tomato sauce on top...voilá. C'est trés good!

The good thing about this is that you don't need a whole lot of anything, just some variety.

Another good Sunday lunch for us, it was.
I hope you can repeat the idea at your own house.

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