Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hooked on crochet!

I am hooked on crochet, I just love it. This is a picture of my first real creation that I found here.
Look how proud I look wearing it!
I am also working on an afghan, and that will take a looong time I know, but I love the colors that I chose and how they look together. I will post some pictures when I am a little bit further into it, I don't want to hex it by posting brag pictures too soon (lol!)
Right now what frustrates me at this very novice stage is reading crochet patterns, or at least attempting to read them. Is like learning a new language! I love when designers understand that is a stage that all novice crocheters go through and explain the process some more, specially on those projects labeled as "beginner".
I am also taking on some knitting...yes that is just like me, doing a couple of things at the same time. I find that knitting is even more complicated that crochet, but I also find the charm to it. I found this website to be a lot of help:

All that chat above brings me to this: Have I told you how much I love HANDMADE? I sometimes think I was born in a time and place where I don't belong. I wish I were a lady from the south, hand quilting under a tree in a lazy summer afternoon. My busy 20th century life and full time job doesn't let me spend a lot of time working on my handmade creations and so I am always a novice sewer, embroiderer,knitter, quilter, crocheter...I have tried it all. I can't help it...I just drool over the work of the human hands and the creativity I see in them.
In the end that is what made me blog, and then again I will have to admit that is one of many good things about this time we all live in. I am always in awe about how the computer is a window that opens up to so much knowledge and lets me see into the creative lives of so many people...when I feel tense and overwhelmed I just spend some time reading the wonderful blogs of so many women like me, who appreciate the beauty of the creations of the human soul and hands.

Thank you fellow bloggers for letting me in into a little bit of your life and thank you for reading this...

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