Sunday, July 18, 2010

And after....

I think there is quite a change, huh? This is how it looks only $200 after.
Of course, I brought my old furniture from my former office so I didn't need to buy new stuff and that was a huge saving. As a matter of fact I sold everything that I wouldn't need.

I think the space is really nice and I enjoy the time I spend there. It has wonderful light and a fig tree that I can look at through the window (yes, I know I have said that before, but I think that tree is what sold me into renting this space)

My color scheme is a complimentary gray-blue and orange. I chose these colors because the cool gray-blue makes the space look a little bit larger and also helps the brain. Then my orange choice was mainly because I like is such a happy and optimistic color!
I think this place only needs a small area rug and maybe a couple of comfy-but-not-too-large chairs. I will keep adding little knick knacks that add will be fun!

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